ELTAU Staff Members

If you're having problems with the website or if you have a question about an event, please call (562) 401-5335.
Dr. Michelle R. Perrenoud

Program Manager - System of Support for Expanded Learning (SSEL) County Lead

Location: ECW 381

Phone: 562 922 6799

Cell: 562 824 2625

Email: Perrenoud_Michelle@lacoe.edu

Emily Tay

Expanded Learning Program Consultant

Location: ECW 377

Phone: 562 401 5766

Email: Tay_Emily@lacoe.edu

Sue Gevedon

Expanded Learning Program Specialist

Location: ECW 3202

Phone: 562 940 1783

Email: Gevedon_Sue@lacoe.edu


Expanded Learning Program Specialist

Marti Boots

Administrative Aide (CONTACT FOR THIS WEBSITE)

Location: ECW 3209

Phone: 562 922 6269

Email: Boots_Marti@lacoe.edu

Tianna Scott

Intermediate Typist Clerk

Email: Scott_Tianna@lacoe.edu